Home safety, and personal safety that is worry free. 
Darren Boyer
Founder of Lightcatch
My name is Darren Boyer, CEO & Founder of Lightcatch. I believe we can help the majority of  homeowners improve their home security 1000%.

Our system unlocks the intelligence property owners have in their security cameras, as well as unlocking the ability for every citizen to help using their mobile phone.

Unlike social media or chat groups that risk people’s safety and lock information in private silos away from the police, our technology is safer, faster, and engineered for the purpose of getting actionable information to the police.
If you don't want to be a victim of property crime do these three simple steps.
1) Get Lightcatch before a crime happens. It’s a free download designed to be used less than 5 minutes per week. By looking at others alerts, and helping when you can, you will be sending a message crime isn't easy where you live.

2) If you are a theft victim alert the public within 12 hours of the crime. When creating an alert, include a clear description of what to look for, what happened, good images of what was stolen, and be clear the police were contacted.

3) Create alerts on Lightcatch before crime happens. This unlocks the help of the community nearby. and multiplies the results. If your alert gets one or two witnesses that confirm the danger is real, this really helps police decide when to send resources and where to patrol.
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